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5 Tips and Tricks to Become a Better Golf Player

As a golf player, you dont get to practice every round with your teacher hovering around, checking for mistakes, and watching your swings. You dont also have the luxury of visiting an instructor or going for a lesson periodically. This is because its very expensive to do this. So how do you become an expert golf player? What do you need to know to improve your game? Here are some tips that can help you

1. Pick your spot well

One of the first things to do is to know the spot where you want the ball to land. Where possible, you want that spot to be on the putting surface. Remember visualization is a very important thing to do in chipping hence see the spot in your mind before you hit the ball. By visualizing, you will know exactly you want the ball to land in. This is very important during a short game.

2. Align your clubface

One of the worst mistakes that new players make is improper alignment. In fact, some golfers try to align everything towards the target. The best way to do this is to always start by assessing your target from behind the ball. This will not only give you the best perspective but you will also know where you want the ball to go. Next, before doing anything set the clubface behind the golf and align it towards the target.

3. Know you weaknesses

Always keep simple statistics of your own. By doing this, you will know your weaknesses. There are many online sites that can help you do this and give you a handicap for every part of the game. Also, you will have a more in-depth look at your statistics and get an idea of what you need to improve on. The more informed you are the easier it will be to tackle your problem.

4. Select the right club

During a short game, most players often choose the club to use based on the length. This means longer holes, longer clubs, and the rest. However, better players understand that there is more to choosing the best clubs including winds, hazards, and natural shot tendencies. For instance, the hole may be far away but with a good drive, you will hit your target. Always avoid awkward distances leaving a full wedge approach. More so, hitting the fair play is more important than ever.

5. Have a clubface control

The simple thing that separates good players from amateurs is a clubface control. Bad players normally open the clubface too much or keep them open for too long. What is often considered to be a square at the top is typically a 90 degrees open. Although that rotation comes from swinging your body, some come from your arms and hands. With a more focused plan while chipping, your game is bound to improve.


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27th April 2016 |

Golf Fitness instructor is a New Approach To Your Golf Improvement


Chris_Ownbey_Golf_fitness_Dallas_TxGolf fitness instructor may be a term you’ve never heard before, but its one that is becoming very popular thanks to all the touring pros using them and even the golf channel having an entire segment on the golf fitness. I’m sure by now you’ve heard most of the professional players; both men and women who actively participate in golf workouts. Tiger took golf to another level, Vijay Singh, does his golf workouts all the way through Sunday of each tournament. Take a look at Annika Sorenstam ,She hired a Golf specific trainer and got serious about her fitness. And look what happened? She hasn’t looked back since. Now more LPGA players are working out to try and catch her, just like the guys did with Tiger.

Today club pro’s, tournament golfers, seniors and even juniors are catching on. They are now realizing now, that hitting more balls alone will not improve their golf swing mechanics. If you have physical or biomechanical limitations that dont allow your body to perform the movements required, reaching your full golf potential is limited.

How is the Golf Specific program different from just working out at the Gym?.
When we go to the gym and develop our workout program, A program is developed where you isolate and train individual body parts with the goal of producing that muscle to become larger, there is nothing wrong with this type of training the only problem is, it does not help us become any more flexible, you might gain strength, but you dont build any power. Power is the key to a great golf swing the ability to generate force behind your movements.
With a golf specific training program there is a focuse on structural elements, from joint function to flexibility that contributes to your posture. With a golf specific program we work on flexibility, balance, stability, strength and power. The goal is not to look good although it will transform your body, increase your energy level, slow down the ageing process, better yet condition yourself for power.
Therefore golf training program should incorporate strength, flexibility and even endurance training. Doing a flexibility program without incorporating a strength program won’t get you the results you’re looking for. A combination of the two is best.
For example:
The golf swing is a rotational movement. With your body in golf posture, hip joints vs the knee joints. Since the golf swing is primarily rotational, wouldn’t it make sense to focus on rotational strength and flexibility? That is improving your turning ability related to range of motion and speed.
The Plan:
Can you imagine what would happen if a football player, basketball player or baseball player would skip the physical work needed to play their sport, so why wouldnt a golfer do the same for his or her sport.
When you finally come to the realization and partake in a golf fitness?routine, you’ll see a golf game you have possibly never seen before. Now you will reach the full benefits of your golf lessons. This is not hype, its a fact. Get your body moving better, and your swing will improve.
How do you find a golf fitness program? Youve got several options. You can go to your local bookstore and get a book on Golf Fitness, just make sure you can put together a good program from the content of the book. You can go online and do a search for golf fitness programs, finally, you can seek out a local fitness professional who works with golfers and really understands both the biomechanics and the mechanics of the golf swing.
I’ve seen golfers of all ages dramatically transform their game. And it didn’t’ take years to accomplish, or hitting thousands of golf balls. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you get. if you’re tired of the frustration and want to finally capitalize on your potential, then a golf training program could be your answer.
For Golf Fitness tips and a free golf fitness warm up video
Click on this link

More Flexibility, A Stronger Core, Greater Distance, Improved Consistency, and Better Fitness Levels are One Step Away!

Chris Ownbeys Golf fitness DVD The Ultimate Golf fitness Series had been written to present you with numerous concise golf fitness stretches and exercises that will help improve the mobility, stability, balance, strength, and power of muscles that directly affect the accuracy, distance, and consistency of your golf swing.
The exercises are presented through step- by- step easy to follow videos allowing you to workout with a purpose and be able to understand how that training translates directly into your swing.

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4th September 2015 |

Golf Equipment


Here at Global Turf Equipment, we offer the largest stock of pre-owned and off lease golf course equipment on the planet. With equipment available to buy on both sides of the Atlantic, there is no need to continue wasting your valuable time and money trying to find what you need, we have everything you could possibly require.

Our fantastic range of stock includes everything from sprayers, green rollers, blowers and vacuums, fairway mowers, tractors, green and tee mowers and much, much more.

The great thing about Global Turf Equipment, is that you will receive machinery that not only looks like new but performs like new. This is due to our brilliant technicians, who, with great skill and care, can completely dissemble an item of turf or golf course machinery and refurbish it to the highest standard.

Make no mistake, the machine you will receive will be of the best quality and ready to use immediately. The only real difference between purchasing one of Global Turf Equipment’s machines and a brand new one from a store, is the price. With the savings that you make from purchasing your golf course machinery with us, you could invest elsewhere on your golf course or even in to more, top quality equipment.

Furthermore, we are happy to ship our equipment worldwide and have great experience in doing so. Our staff will obtain numerous shipping quotes and this will help you to, not only make the right choice but also save money. Every shipment is checked and verified before being sent out, meaning that your equipment is sure to reach you in exactly the same, superb condition, that it left us.

Our website allows you to browse through the huge range of golf course machinery including our used gang mower and other mowers while working through the summer months. We have used turf equipment available, take a look at out site which gives you the chance to check and see if there is anything of interest before making a phone call or coming to visit us.

We do keep the website up to date, however, if you are looking for something in-particular, that you can not see on the website, please do give us a call. We are receiving new machinery on a daily basis and even if we do not have what you are looking for on site, we may still be able to obtain it for you and at a fraction of the price you have seen elsewhere.

Our previous customers have been delighted with our services and the quality of the machinery they have received, comments regarding which are available to see on our website.

Why not join the hundred’s of satisfied customers by ordering your golf course machinery from Global Turf Equipment today and make a great investment that will help improve your golf course for many years to come.

More information on used gang mower, used toro and other golf turf equipment, utility vehicles and more.

15th August 2015 |

Golffitness Dvd Workout Program


Are you an individual who is suffering from lower back injury? Is your lower back stiff and sore when you get out of bed in the morning? Probably everyone reading this article has experienced a lower back problem at some time or another in their lives. Speaking from experience they are not fun, and when it comes to golf, they certainly won’t help lower your handicap or drive the ball 300 yards.

Lower back problems are arguably the single biggest problem for both the pro and the amateur. The repetitive nature of the golf swing puts an enormous amount of stress on the muscles of the lower back. While there are many muscles to mention I always promise to give you usable information without the exercise physiology lesson and all the big words. Suffice it to say the muscles we work in these exercises are called the erector spinea group.

Trunk rotation ? at least the lack of it ? is the most common problem for golfers who are prone to back pain. The more skilled and flexible you are, the more you can rely on your hips and trunk to rotate when you swing. A great golf shot requires hip and trunk rotation because thats what gives power to your shots. If you dont rotate well, your arms ?
When golfers think of the golf stance they dont realize how difficult it is to maintain the proper posture over 18 holes. A poor posture puts tremendous stress and strain on the lower back. Bending at the hips, not bending forward at the lower back is the key to preventing lower back pain. Strengthening the core muscles (abdominals, obliques, lower back, gluteal muscles and hamstrings) should be part of your golf fitness program. If you dont have a strong core you are in for big problems as well as poor performance. Flexing the knees requires strong quadriceps or front thigh muscles. If your quadriceps are weak you will fatigue more easily resulting in miss hits and shorter distance.

If your calves are too tight you will find it difficult to stay down at the ball.
How can regular exercise help?

A well-constructed exercise program will help to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles that will help to stabilize your trunk during movement. Most people dont realize that strong abdominal muscles are just as important as strong back muscles in the prevention of back pain and the avoidance of injury.

Here IS A quick stretch you should incorporate in your golf fitness program.

Remember, during a typical round of golf, you will twist and untwist your back muscles more than 200 times. Yet, golfers can go years without any major injuries to the back. Nevertheless, a lack of stretching and conditioning can catch up with you. Here are two of the best stretches you can do at home to help avoid injuries

Unfortunately, most people don’t give a second thought about their back until its too late.
A professionally designed exercise program will also focus on improving your flexibility to further decrease the chance of injuring your back. If required, your program should also help you to lose excess weight so that your spine is not under increased stress. It is imperative that you undergo an assessment protocol to determine your needs, strengths and weaknesses prior to the design of your program. The great thing about an organized fitness program for golf is that it can take less than 30 minutes a day to see dramatic improvements in both your physical health and your golf game.

Stretches visit

Online Program

FREE pre round Stretching routine

15th July 2015 |

Golf Fitness Program a Key Factor in Maximizing Your Game


Chris_Ownbey_Golf_Fitness_Dallas_Tx(1)Testimonials to golf fitness are seen all over the television. Its talked about on the practice tee and in clubhouses. Why is there so much talk about golf fitness? Is it really that important? And if so, what are the elements that make up a good golf fitness program and how can paying attention to them help you play your best golf?

The premise of a Golf Fitness in Dallas Tx golf fitness program is to first diagnose your physical limitations through a golf fitness evaluation, than come up with a plan to reduce or eliminate those physical limitations to achieve optimal swing mechanics.
A golf fitness program covers four areas:

  • Golf-specific strength exercises
  • Golf stretching exercises
  • An aerobic conditioning plan to improve your endurance on the course
  • A nutrition plan to give you energy and help you reduce unwanted pounds

Any Golf Fitness in Dallas Tx golf fitness program that skips the above components will not be successful.

Every golfer has strength, flexibility, endurance and nutrition issues that can be greatly improved. Below are some specific examples of things that might be included in a Golf Fitness in Dallas Tx golf fitness program in each category.

The strength-for-golf section of the program should address the core area, which means focusing
on rotational strength and flexibility an example would be doing seated twists with a single dumbbell to improve rotational range of motion and strength.

The flexibility-for-golf section should be specific to your golf swing. The backswing is always a focal point when it comes to drills and stretching exercises, but what about the follow through?
Aerobic Conditioning
With aerobic conditioning for golf, youve got to look at the main activity: walking. Then devise a cardio program that incorporates a 20-30 minute walking program at an intensity of 10-15 percent higher than when you a golf course. This will give you an aerobic improvement, helping you maintain concentration without fatiguing.

Nutrition for golf could be a separate, full report, let alone a single article. But the main thing to remember is to fuel your body with a meal of protein and carbs before you tee off, than eat a couple of snacks (fruit, nuts, etc) during the round to maintain blood sugar levels. This will provide you with more than enough fuel (energy) to get you easily through 18 holes. So as you see with this brief overview of a golf fitness program, there are many things to consider and put into place. But the bottom line is to get started on your golf fitness program right away. Youre giving up strokes if you delay.

Now how to get started? Youve got several options.
You can visit your local TPI golf fitness instructor.
Or for $47 my online program will increase your flexibility, and help you play pain free golf.

Before you leave.
I would like to give a FREE Pre Round stretching routine.

So dont let another year go by without improving your body. All it takes is 2-3 times a week for 30-40 minutes to dramatically improve your game. Not much of a sacrifice to play better golf is it?

26th June 2015 |

Why men over 50 are turning to Chris Ownbey for golf fitness (And Maybe You Should Too)


Chris Ownbey

Golf Fitness, Chris Ownbey

Fellow golfer,
My name is Chris Ownbey a certified golf and fitness instructor in Dallas tx and often referred to as the go to guy for men 50 and over to improve their health, body and golf game. I work with executives (50+) country clubs members who complain, that as get older, they have lost flexibility and in return loss distance, have more aches and pains and rising handicaps. Many in this age group believe if they can just gain a few more yards, it will help drive their handicaps back to where they once were.

Most in this age group do not score particularly well in several of the TPI tests (particularly the flexibility test, and the balance tests), and this is to be expected given the lack of activity and aging process. While a general exercise program is good, one might be in shape, but are they in golf shape?

For many who just play golf or walk to stay fit and do not regularly practice strength training, age related loss of muscle mass becomes a major culprit in the loss of flexibility and power. Along with declining aerobic capacity, it becomes difficult for many older players to finish a round without fatigue. It is often the last 4 or 5 holes where most strokes are lost as physical fatigued sets in, tired arms and rubbery legs as they trudge off the 18th green.

In developing training activities for these players, I have developed a proven System specifically for golfers. Now, this is NOT about vanity, this IS about longevity, if you are looking for big bulking biceps, vanity workouts had their time and their place in your life, not now.

Our System begins with dynamic stretching, move to golf specific movements, then core, balance and stability and we finish off with static stretching. I even have a secret stretching technique that where I can move connective tissue and allows you to have the flexibility you had 20 years ago, and the best part is, its permanent. ( I can explain more on that in person if your interested)

Many seniors have also gained a bit of weight over the years and it is becoming increasingly rare to find those who have not sustained some type of shoulder, knee, hip or back injury. And we have a team in place to correct these issues so one can play pain free golf as well.
Getting older seasoned is not for the weak.

We work all our lives to be in position to play golf, and when that time comes, our body is so broken down, its hard to practice, and play a couple of days a week without aches, pains. Dont be that guy. Ive seen guys lose the weight, get off the meds, eliminate back pain, increase flexibility, and play without pain and it was easier than they expected.
Should I hit balls to warm up or warm up to hit balls?
How many times have you arrived 5 minutes before your tee time? Jumped out of the car and into the cart. Drove to tee one without warming up? And it took 4 to 5 holes for you to get lose?

Im guilty as charged, so I developed a quick 5 minute golf specific warm routine, and I would like for you to try it. Let me know if it helps.

18th June 2015 |

Thailand Golf Holiday Packages



Golf holidays in Asia, including Thailand, are really taking off nowadays. Thailand is a major destination for playing golf. The country is home to some very talented golfers including Thai Danthai, Kiradech Aphibarnrat and Thongchai Jaidee. Its host to the Thailand Golf Championship as part of the Asia Tours, the Thailand Classic and the Thailand Open Golf Tournament – which has been run by the national Golf Association since the 1960s. The country now also now has the Ladies Golf Association, a thriving organization for women who love golf.
However, the country has a long and rich history of golfing. The playing of golf in Thailand has existed for around one hundred years, and was appropriated there by Thailands King Vajiravudh The Great in 1923 when he ordered a magnificent course to be built in Hua Hin.

Enjoy Thai Golf for yourself
Why not experience a slice of the fun yourself, with a Thai Golf Holiday in Hua Hin or Pattaya?
A great way to sample what Thai golf has to offer and to get a great golfing experience is with Pattaya Golf Co Ltd, who offer all-inclusive golfing packages. They have courses in Hua Hin and Pattaya (south of Bangkok). Their tagline is By Golfers, For Golfers. Pattaya Golf Co Ltd have provided custom golfing breaks, weekends and big holidays for over fifteen years and have more than twenty competition standard, world class courses for you to choose from. Some of the many benefits included in your package with them are your own individual, friendly and helpful caddy (Thailands caddies are famous for being awesome) and your own golf cart, but most of all the personal care and attention you get (unlike the major tour operators). So for the best golf holiday Thailand has to offer, you should get in touch with them.

Their aim is to provide a much more personalized service than the larger operators and to pay special attention to every persons own needs which their returning customers appreciate.
Not just golf in Thailand!
Even if your partner isn’t into golf, there is plenty to keep them entertained, with splendid hotels, beautiful beaches and restaurants in abundance; Thai cuisine is unique and delicious, and obviously not to be missed when in Thailand! There are some great spots for nightlife. Chon Buri, known for being a golfing province, is particularly vibrant with great after golf on offer.Pattaya Golf Co Ltd even arrange trips for local ex-pats and your own tournaments!


Practical Info
Your money will go a long way in Thailand; everything is cheaper there. Just make sure before you go that you have the necessary travel insurance, travelers cheques ? and turn off international roaming on your phone unless it is absolutely necessary!
What is not to like? For your holiday with a difference, book a Thai golfing break!
Here is some vocabulary to get you started:

Golf = gof
Golf course = dtee gof
Irons = lek
Hole = lum

Your hosts will make sure that your trip will be a most memorable one, not only for the golf. but for the vacation in a special country too so please visit their site, Pattaya Golf.

17th June 2015 |

The latest golfers fashion trends for 2015


Many people believe that fashion and golf do not go hand in hand. Antiquated views would perhaps suggest that players still turn up at their local course wearing baggy 3/4 length trousers that reveal a hideous pair of socks and a stripy or patterned pullover, which is more terrifying than trendy!

But, trust us, those days are over and the majority of modern golfing apparel is both fashionable and functional. Today’s golf tour winners are getting younger all the time and now naturally dictate the sport’s style to an ever growing and younger generation of followers. With the rise of the sporting celebrity in our modern day society there are now many trendily attired golfing celebs padding about around the greens looking good!

So, if you want to be a trend-setting pioneer as you tee off for a round of 18 holes, what should you be wearing? Well, to help here are the latest golfers fashion trends for 2015 supplied by Golf Clothing Direct, one of the country’s biggest online direct golf equipment and clothing apparel suppliers.

In Fact, GCD are fast becoming a famous ‘celebrity’ golfing ‘go to’ site in their own right, matching the rise of the young sporting celebrities that they have helped to dress and equip over the years.


While you can’t go wrong with a clean and crisp polo shirt, you may need to think carefully about materials and colour. Cotton polo shirts are the most affordable, but to stay cool and comfortable on those warm sunny days, consider purchasing an option made from hi-tech moisture wicking fabric.

As for colour, pastel shades will, we are sure, never go out of style. But if you’re feeling daring, you could go for something a little more eye-popping and dazzling. Bright colours work great if they compliment other aspects of your outfit and will really help you to stand out from the crowd on a sunny day.


Suits made from tweed are making a bit of a comeback on the high street, but trousers made from this material can look rather out-dated when out on the course. You may prefer to spice up your look a little bit more!

For this reason, a sophisticated pair of chinos is, for many, a much better choice, as they exude style and class wherever you go. Again, you can be bold in your choice of colour to stand out on the fairway or green.

Stand out a cut above the rest and, in this way, you are sure to win admiring glances for your fabulous golfers fashion sense!


This item of clothing has caused fashion-conscious golfers a big headache in the past, as there weren’t many really dapper or dashing options available. Thankfully, things have changed and golf shoes are on offer in a number of different styles these days.

The most polished golf shoes are invariably spike-less, as they can be worn on and off the course but still provide ample levels of comfort, grip and durability when practicing your swing. Footwear that resembles standard trainers is of course all the rage at the moment, even amongst older and more seasoned veteran players.


The smallest details can make the biggest difference to a golfer’s outfit, so don’t overlook the importance of accessorizing. You may even want to give some thought to your choice of belt, sun-hat, socks and sunglasses before picking out a shirt and trousers.

However, big belt buckles are to be avoided, as they are too overbearing and may even affect your golf swing. Don’t settle for the first pair of socks you find in the drawer either, as they may be visible during play! Finally, choose sunglasses based on protection as well as design, Polaroid lenses help to cut glare which is important when you are getting your eye in.

Future predictions

You can expect to see more performance wear being championed by the sport’s biggest brands, but the challenge will be to make these items of clothing fashionable enough for everyday use too. Don’t be surprised to see flat caps and other vintage garments making a comeback either, as golf is a gentleman’s game after all.

For some more fashionable clothing ideas be sure to check out the Golf Clothing Direct website where some truly inspired trousers and shorts are simply waiting for you to find them!

22nd April 2015 |
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