The latest golfers fashion trends for 2015


Many people believe that fashion and golf do not go hand in hand. Antiquated views would perhaps suggest that players still turn up at their local course wearing baggy 3/4 length trousers that reveal a hideous pair of socks and a stripy or patterned pullover, which is more terrifying than trendy!

But, trust us, those days are over and the majority of modern golfing apparel is both fashionable and functional. Today’s golf tour winners are getting younger all the time and now naturally dictate the sport’s style to an ever growing and younger generation of followers. With the rise of the sporting celebrity in our modern day society there are now many trendily attired golfing celebs padding about around the greens looking good!

So, if you want to be a trend-setting pioneer as you tee off for a round of 18 holes, what should you be wearing? Well, to help here are the latest golfers fashion trends for 2015 supplied by Golf Clothing Direct, one of the country’s biggest online direct golf equipment and clothing apparel suppliers.

In Fact, GCD are fast becoming a famous ‘celebrity’ golfing ‘go to’ site in their own right, matching the rise of the young sporting celebrities that they have helped to dress and equip over the years.


While you can’t go wrong with a clean and crisp polo shirt, you may need to think carefully about materials and colour. Cotton polo shirts are the most affordable, but to stay cool and comfortable on those warm sunny days, consider purchasing an option made from hi-tech moisture wicking fabric.

As for colour, pastel shades will, we are sure, never go out of style. But if you’re feeling daring, you could go for something a little more eye-popping and dazzling. Bright colours work great if they compliment other aspects of your outfit and will really help you to stand out from the crowd on a sunny day.


Suits made from tweed are making a bit of a comeback on the high street, but trousers made from this material can look rather out-dated when out on the course. You may prefer to spice up your look a little bit more!

For this reason, a sophisticated pair of chinos is, for many, a much better choice, as they exude style and class wherever you go. Again, you can be bold in your choice of colour to stand out on the fairway or green.

Stand out a cut above the rest and, in this way, you are sure to win admiring glances for your fabulous golfers fashion sense!


This item of clothing has caused fashion-conscious golfers a big headache in the past, as there weren’t many really dapper or dashing options available. Thankfully, things have changed and golf shoes are on offer in a number of different styles these days.

The most polished golf shoes are invariably spike-less, as they can be worn on and off the course but still provide ample levels of comfort, grip and durability when practicing your swing. Footwear that resembles standard trainers is of course all the rage at the moment, even amongst older and more seasoned veteran players.


The smallest details can make the biggest difference to a golfer’s outfit, so don’t overlook the importance of accessorizing. You may even want to give some thought to your choice of belt, sun-hat, socks and sunglasses before picking out a shirt and trousers.

However, big belt buckles are to be avoided, as they are too overbearing and may even affect your golf swing. Don’t settle for the first pair of socks you find in the drawer either, as they may be visible during play! Finally, choose sunglasses based on protection as well as design, Polaroid lenses help to cut glare which is important when you are getting your eye in.

Future predictions

You can expect to see more performance wear being championed by the sport’s biggest brands, but the challenge will be to make these items of clothing fashionable enough for everyday use too. Don’t be surprised to see flat caps and other vintage garments making a comeback either, as golf is a gentleman’s game after all.

For some more fashionable clothing ideas be sure to check out the Golf Clothing Direct website where some truly inspired trousers and shorts are simply waiting for you to find them!

22nd April 2015 |

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