Why men over 50 are turning to Chris Ownbey for golf fitness (And Maybe You Should Too)


Chris Ownbey

Golf Fitness, Chris Ownbey

Fellow golfer,
My name is Chris Ownbey a certified golf and fitness instructor in Dallas tx and often referred to as the go to guy for men 50 and over to improve their health, body and golf game. I work with executives (50+) country clubs members who complain, that as get older, they have lost flexibility and in return loss distance, have more aches and pains and rising handicaps. Many in this age group believe if they can just gain a few more yards, it will help drive their handicaps back to where they once were.

Most in this age group do not score particularly well in several of the TPI tests (particularly the flexibility test, and the balance tests), and this is to be expected given the lack of activity and aging process. While a general exercise program is good, one might be in shape, but are they in golf shape?

For many who just play golf or walk to stay fit and do not regularly practice strength training, age related loss of muscle mass becomes a major culprit in the loss of flexibility and power. Along with declining aerobic capacity, it becomes difficult for many older players to finish a round without fatigue. It is often the last 4 or 5 holes where most strokes are lost as physical fatigued sets in, tired arms and rubbery legs as they trudge off the 18th green.

In developing training activities for these players, I have developed a proven System specifically for golfers. Now, this is NOT about vanity, this IS about longevity, if you are looking for big bulking biceps, vanity workouts had their time and their place in your life, not now.

Our System begins with dynamic stretching, move to golf specific movements, then core, balance and stability and we finish off with static stretching. I even have a secret stretching technique that where I can move connective tissue and allows you to have the flexibility you had 20 years ago, and the best part is, its permanent. ( I can explain more on that in person if your interested)

Many seniors have also gained a bit of weight over the years and it is becoming increasingly rare to find those who have not sustained some type of shoulder, knee, hip or back injury. And we have a team in place to correct these issues so one can play pain free golf as well.
Getting older seasoned is not for the weak.

We work all our lives to be in position to play golf, and when that time comes, our body is so broken down, its hard to practice, and play a couple of days a week without aches, pains. Dont be that guy. Ive seen guys lose the weight, get off the meds, eliminate back pain, increase flexibility, and play without pain and it was easier than they expected.
Should I hit balls to warm up or warm up to hit balls?
How many times have you arrived 5 minutes before your tee time? Jumped out of the car and into the cart. Drove to tee one without warming up? And it took 4 to 5 holes for you to get lose?

Im guilty as charged, so I developed a quick 5 minute golf specific warm routine, and I would like for you to try it. Let me know if it helps.


18th June 2015 |

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